Hey dolls!

Hey everyone!

All Things Blogs has moved!  To....

Everything is pretty much the same, except the name, and topics.
My twitter, facebook page, google plus account, email {trustinmesmokey@gmail.com}, and pinterest pages will be the same!  Except for RSS and bloglovin, so be sure to follow me on my NEW blog with RSS and Bloglovin.

I will be working on switching over social media names right now!

Also, if your my sponsor, your ad is up on the new blog!

I really REALLY hope you all join me on my NEW blog.  Because I would love to have you reading my blog!


Oh one last thing, heather, you won the contest!
I should be contacting you soon!

Blog name change {HELP}

I desperately need help thinking of a new blog name, but I just can't think of one!
I think I'll mostly be blogging about food, fashion, life, and design.
I would REALLY appreciate if you would leave a comment with an idea! {I could use all the ideas I can get}

And also, for a little motivation, the winning blog name will  get $10 shop credit, or in post ad! {both $10 value} I'm excited to see what awesome names you come up with!


p.s. as soon as I get my new blog up, I'll let you know the link, and you can look forward to a heck of a lot of posts!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

It's St. Patricks Day!
And, I've designed some freebies! {right click whichever {or both} image and hit save image as}

Here they are!

I know that one phrase, not very original, but it's sort of a tradition.
Anywho, Happy St. Patty's Day, I hope I'll be posting more often I love, like LOVE blogging, seriously.
But I want to start fresh, maybe not all fresh, but I'd like to re-name my blog, start afresh with posts.  But the problem is, I can't think of a name!  So, I've been storming sorta racking my brain to think of names.  Well, that's pretty much everything new!

Have a great week!

p.s. this weekend is my 12th b-day party, look forward to tons of pictures! {it's owl themed! <3}

Google is mean

Google is mean.
Okay, not really, they're actually pretty great.
But they're shutting down google reader July 1st, so GFC is leaving us too {so i hear}.

So I encourage you all to follow me on Bloglovin` to say updated, I hear everyones encouraging their followers to follow em` on there instead!

Follow away!

Follow on Bloglovin

Sorry for the lack of posts too!  I've been sick with the flu, buried under craft stuff, and trying to think of a new blog name! {Yes! I am thinking of a wonderful awesomealiciousnummy blog name.} But here's some stuff I've been doing.
I got a new phone, samsung intensity 3!
I was sick, used up about 2 or 3 boxes of tissues, coughed a whole ton, and pampered my Pepper with doggy treats.

That's pretty much it!  Have a wonderful {rest of!} week!


It's giveaway time!
You could win, from me, one pair of Golden-green beauties {earrings}, one pair of glitter earrings {earrings}, and two pairs of fashion earrings {earrings}, plus $10.00 shop credit!
One winner takes all!
Enter using the rafflecopter form below!


Saturdays, most of us love them!
Normally I do chores, then "try" and be productive. {If twitter is productive}
I work on blog posts, design, hop on pinterest or twitter.

But I love checking out all my favorite blogs on Saturdays, entering giveaways, leaving comments.

One of my favorite things to do, is edit the pictures I've taken the during the week, here are some pics I've taken!

Plus just made a facebook page!



Okay, as you all should know, I have a fur baby, and I love my fur baby.
Her name is Pepper!
She's a schnoodle, poodle schnauzer mix.

This is my fur baby ^^^

She's the sweetest, awesomest dog I could ever ask for.
She is super protective of the whole family, for some strange reason, she's really attached to me most.
I decided to make her a blog, where I share doggy DIYs, doodles, and pictures.

So, here's the link!
Check it out, I might not post a lot, but keep checking back!