Eiffel Tower craft

Well, my first attempt to make a cute craft, I couldn't get many pictures, because my camera battery died.  I hate it when that happens.  Anyway I got a picture of the supplies and my poorly cut cardboard Eiffel tower shape, but, I think it turned out pretty nicely.  But now lets get on with the tutorial!

Supplies needed:  Scissors, Xacto knife (to kind of perforate the cardboard if it's hard to cut), cardboard, ribbon long enough to go on the back of the cardboard designs, glue, glitter, streamer or tissue paper.

For the not glittery designs, take a little bit of streamer, about a foot, less or more, depending on how big you want the ruffles to be, here's my ruffle one, just glue where you want the ruffle to be, don't do too much glue, you might make the streamer or cardboard soggy, and then just keep repeating to where it's filled up the cardboard as much as you want.  I didn't think of this before, but they could also be A's.  I made one ruffle one, and two glitter Eiffel towers, you can change it around or even do different shapes, but if you do decide to do something else, try and email me the picture, and I may put it on my blog!

For the glitter ones, just cut out the size and shape you want it to be, and cover the front of it with glue and then sprinkle the amount of glitter you want on, as simple as that, here's what my glitter ones turned out to look like!

And that, has been my first ever craft tutorial, I hope you like it!  Remember if you would like your version of it on my blog be sure to email me!
Some credit goes to Katie at A Creative Cookie, from her heart decor, it gave me the inspiration for this craft. Click here to go to the tutorial.


  1. Cute idea, and easy too. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm a new follower. I would love if you stopped by and followed back. Hope to see you soon, Lori

  2. Thanks for your comment, thanks for following too, I am now following you back with GFC!


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