Guest Posting + Ad Swap

Okay so I wanted to announce after I get around 80 followers, I am going to be doing a guest posting.

The reason is because I really want to get to know some other bloggers and connect with them!
Until I get around 80 followers I will not be doing the guest blogging, but you can send me in your reserve for a spot early.  The dates are the 3rd of every month
                                                          The things I require 

It must be a craft/DIY, blogging/photography tip, or a recipe, I will not allow anything else that does not fall under these categories will not be shared on this blog.  It also must be made by you, if you got the inspiration from someone or something else you must have a link to it in that post.

None of the pictures are over 900 pixels wide, the height is fine.
The photos for the post must be good quality and bright

Please get it in to me a couple days before the deadline.
You can either email me the post or send me a document that I can copy and make it into the post.

Please follow my blog with GFC, BlogLovin, by email, or Linky Followers.

Email me for your reservation, I will also email you a couple days before the deadline to remind you to send me the document or post in case you haven't already, or if you just want me to email u so you can look at the post!

Also I will be doing an Ad Swap starting, well today.
I will put your button in my sidebar if you put my button in yours!

Send me the HTML in an email, the button must be 125x125, email me for more details and info.

Have a great day!!!
Keep checking back or follow me via email!

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