Nail Polish Review!

Everyone loves nail polish, well, at least I do!  This blog post is about my favorite nail polishes, and the good brands, I don't have that much nail polish now, but I'm going to be buying so much more nail polish soon!
Also, if you painted you nails in a pretty or cool pattern be sure to email me a picture and I might update this post and put YOUR picture in it!

I found a new brand I like, it's called Pure Ice, the brand is really good, they have some really pretty colors, I suggest you buy a bottle or two and see if you like it!  My favorite color from them is Mint Dream, I got mine from my Walmart for $1.97 it's probably the same at your Walmart.

Here's their picture.                                                             Here's my picture.

It looks more minty and shiny then in the pictures.  It really is a beautiful color.

Sally Hansen is also a really good brand too, it is expensive sometimes, I bought a green one at Walmart for $1.97 but other kinds of their nail polish isn't that cheap, it's really well known, so you probably know about it already, but if not it is a very good brand.

 Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear               
The Xtreme wear one is good, but if you don't use you hands much (like roughly) then you could probably use a different kind, this kind of nail polish is cheaper then some of the other Sally Hansen nail polish.

Petite nail polish, I had never heard of it before, but I like the colors, not sure if they stay on for a long time, as I just painted my nails yesterday with the Petite kind.  My favorite so far is Pretty n Pink. It's darker then it looks in the bottle, but it's not too dark, I really like the color but everyone has their opinion.

NYC is also a good brand, their nail polish is a good brand, they also have some makeup, pretty sure it's a good quality I don't really wear makeup.  My favorite (I don't actually own it) is the Broadway Burgundy Frost.  It looks really pretty.


I hope you enjoyed my nail polish review! Just so you know I was not being paid to blog about this.  Remember be sure to send me pictures of your cool nail polish!

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