Owl Banner!

This craft tutorial is for a super cute and super easy Owl Banner!  Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out some of my other tutorials...

Supplies needed: colored construction paper, 2 or 3 paper plates, Xacto knife, 6 black small pom poms (depends on how many owls you make), scissors, orange felt for the beak, ribbon,  and hot glue gun.
 Cut a shape out of cardboard like this (it's just to make sure the paper doesn't flop around on the banner)
I used the Xacto knife for this because it was easiest for me.
Then cut out a shape somewhat like this or however you want the body of the owl to look like.

 I used the super cute owl ribbon above!  I like the designs on the owls a lot.

Then I hot glued the pom poms on and used some orange pipe cleaners for the beak, I suggest using orange felt, I just didn't have any on hand at the time.

This is what it looks like after the eyes and the beak are on.

                                                This is after the wings, eyes, and beak is put on.
                                           I also put a bit of brown on the bottom of the owls too.

                                 Attach the ribbon to the top back of the owls and your done!!
See I told you it was an easy craft!
                                                 Here's a close up of two of the owls....

                                                    A close up of the cute owl ribbon....

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have a great rest of the day girls! Also be sure to email me some pictures of your owl banners!  Also don't forget to check back or subscribe to my posts by email!

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