A Recap of my last 24 posts!

Okay so for this recap of posts I'm going to list more recent post at the bottom of the post, so scroll down to see my most recent posts.

By the way for the closed giveaways, it would just work as a link to whatever blog or website had the giveaway.

A great giveaway

Another Great Giveaway

Another Giveaway

A Great Giveaway

Some Great Blogs

An Awesome Website

A Good Giveaway

Some Giveaways

Giveaways and Blogs

Some Exciting News

Eiffel Tower Craft


A Post for Kids or Adults

How I Made My Blog Post Organizer

Nail Polish Review

Jewelry Making Supplies

Pepper and her toys

Yarn Mug Decoration

Tooth Pouch DIY

Finger Knitting

Update of this week

Where I got my header

The Liebster Blog Award

Spray Painting My Fan

Hope you enjoyed this recap! If you've made any cool crafts that I've posted a tutorial on or if you got some inspiration for a craft from my tutorials make sure you email me a picture it might be in my next recap of my posts! Keep checking back or follow me via email!  Have a great day!

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