Spray Painting my Fan!!

So my fan used to be all pink (to me now it was like BLEK too much pink!), but now we spray painted it white!!!  In my opinion it's inexpensive and it's fast!  This isn't really a tutorial but I'll tell you what supplies we used!

Supplies: White glossy spray paint, fan blades, and wood to put the fan blade on so it doesn't get spray paint whatever your spray painting it on.

What we did is, we just spray painted the other side of the fan because the side you looked at when you look up at the fan looked like this:

 Here's the picture of the fan blade without the pattern:

 This is what the finished fan blade after you do one or two white layers of paint.

Here are some of the other parts of the fan that we had to take off before we could get to my fan blades!

 More parts of the fan, plus a screwdriver plus some screws.
 An "Action" shot of the table, with the street in the back round, I should of gotten a picture while the spray paint particles were going different places!
 We used a wood piece under the fan blade, so we wouldn't get the table all covered with white spray paint, still the spray paint particles got on the table we were using!

 A couple more pictures of the fan blades.

 I thought it was cool, the outline where the fan was sitting.

More pictures!!!

Another picture!!!

The charms before I spray painted them!  It actually turned out better then I thought it would. We had to do 3 or 4 coats because the sticker kept showing through the paint.

 I took some pictures while I was outside, I think they turned out pretty well!

Our neighbors pretty + shady tree.

A pretty flower on one of our bushes in the front of our yard.

Another picture of the same flower...

Another one!
Again another one!

Same bush, but different view.
Same bush!
 Hope you guys enjoyed this post, keep checking back next week because I will be posting ALOT!!!
Almost forgot, although I couldn't come up with a St. Pattys day craft, I hope on Sunday to find some OTHER St. Pattys day projects that other people have made.  Don't forget to follow me via email!  Have a great St, Patricks Day!


  1. Cute! I should paint my fan sometime - it would definitely liven up the room!

  2. This is such a great idea! I would love for you to link up at my Linky Party via: http://ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com/2012/03/show-me-what-you-got-linky-party-6.html

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Thanks so much for your comments guys!
    @Mrs. Delightful, thanks so much for the invite! I'll be sure to link up!

    Sarah XOXO

  4. I wonder if my landlord would care...we have a terrible fan in the living room, that aside from dangling the light fixture down like a firefly's back end, is covered in some terrible wood veneer. I might paint it and see if they even notice. Worst they could do would still be an improvement!

    jess @

  5. You just have to love spray paint! Turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  6. I never would thought to have tried this. So glad it worked out. Great idea.
    Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful


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