Crafting for my room, Series #1 Post #5, Cute Little Folder Tutorial

Hi guys!

Today post #5 is a tutorial for decorating a folder I found at Staples, it was in a box of 100 for $7 I believe.
You can find the Washi tape at Michaels and probably Joanns, I got mine from target for $4 for 4 rolls, great deal I know!
You can find the Washi tape in the office section of Target, Washi tape is growing more and more popular so better hurry and buy yours!

Supplies Needed:
Hot glue gun
Washi tape
Googly Eyes
Pen or Paint Pen

First Washi tape one side of the folder having a little bit of the beginning of the Washi tape over one side of the folder and bring it to the other side leaving about an inch or so and cut the Washi tape.

Repeat for the rest of the Washi tape on that side.

For the other side, I added two googly eyes, and under that a smiley face with two fangs.  Then I made a bow, and put it on the side of the monsters "head".

To the left of the monster I wrote Sarah's Craft Monster!
I wanted to make this folder really cute, so I added 5 feathers to the top left of the monster!

To draw the mouth and write Sarah's Craft Monster I used a Paint Pen, I found at Joanns!

 That's all there is to do!  It's an easy but super cute craft tutorial!  Thanks for visiting, don't forget to keep checking back and follow via email in the right sidebar!


  1. Thanks so much for commenting! That peanut butter pound cake looks so good on your blog!

    Sarah xoxo

  2. Mmm, peanut butter pound cake! Sounds yummy! By the way Sarah, I like that monster.

  3. What a cute and simple idea! Love this!

    Meredith @

  4. FUN, FUN, FUN,....I do need some washi tape!


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